• AvioCalc

    The Enhanced Electronic Flight Computer that make your Air Navigation & Flight Planning Safe & Easier

  • AvioCalc

    The Electronic Flight Computer (E6B) for your Flights

  • Amazing Features

    Aviocalc has more than 100+ Features to simplify your different Aviation Tasks

    Pilot Profile

    Manage your Career, Medical License, Pilot Licenses & Rating

    Flight Performance

    Solve the main flight performance problems inflight and before flight

    Aviation Converter

    Convert Any speed, temperature, weight, volume, distance etc..

    Wind Problems

    Fast way to correct your heading errors caused by the wind

    Flight Timer

    On/Off Block, TakeOff, Landing & other intelligent Time features

    Aircraft Manager

    Create, manage and handle all your hangar aircrafts.

    Based Airport

    Get the airport informations and METAR & TAF (Weather)

  • AvioCalc is Here

    The Complete Flight Computer For All your Performance, Navigation and Flight Planning Calculations

    Flight Performance

    - True Air Speed (TAS)

    - Calibrated Air Speed (CAS)

    - Equivalent Air Speed (EAS)

    - Mach Number (MN)

    - QNH Correction

    - Pressure Altitude

    - Density Altitude

    - True Altitude

    - Saturated Air Temperature

    - International Standard Atmosphere

    - Cloud Base

    - Glidepath Angle

    - Glidepath Height

    - Rate of Climb

    - Rate of Descent

    - Climb Gradient

    - Top of Descent

    - Distance Flown

    - Flight Time

    - Ground Speed

    - Bank Angle

    - Radius of Turn

    - Load Factor

    - Fuel Required

    - Endurance

    - Fuel Consumption

    Aircraft Management

    - Technical
    - Performance
    - Aircraft Speeds
    - Fuel
    - Equipments

    Wind Problems

    - True Heading / Ground Speed
    - True Course / Ground Speed
    - Wind Vector
    - True Heading / True Air Speed

    Aviation Converter

    - Speed
    - Distance
    - Time
    - Temperature
    - Volume
    - Weight
    - Pressure
    - GPS Coordinates

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