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What is an Electronic Flight Computer E6B ?​

The future of Aviation is in flight apps at your fingertips​

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What is an Electronic Flight Computer?

When we talk about Flight Computers, we may think about machines doing calculations and numbers over numbers to do a perfect flight performance, but that’s not correct (entirely). An actual Flight Computer is an analog artifact used by all pilots at their flight training and studies. It is not a flight app, but a circular plastic slide ruled wheel with preloaded numbers and lines that helps pilots to make quicker air, oil burn, speed calculations, flight routes, estimations and more.

Flight Computers have been used by pilots through all history of modern aviation. Why? The answer is simpler than we think; this analog computer calculates logarithms for the pilot. The Flight Computer (also called Whiz Wheel) can make algorithmic calculations through multiplications and divisions at the same time. Flight computer purpose, like all computers, is to make pilot life easier by performing impossible or complicated calculations quickly during the flight.

traditional electronic flight computers

Even some years ago Traditional Flight Computer was mandatory during any training of professional flight because it helps to calculate the route time, the estimated time of arrival (ETA), the estimated time in route (ETE), the wind correction, the fuel consumption, etc. In addition, during the flight, you can update the information and calculate the actual speed with respect to the ground (GS), the actual fuel consumption, update the estimated arrival time (ETA), etc.

Flight Computer was still commonly used by pilots around the world, but now it moved to the past. As new technologies carrying all of us, Flight Computer has changed to Electronic Flight Computer; a software -flight app- made for tablets or smartphones to make all the procedures automatically.

So, answer the main question…

What is an Electronic Flight Computer?

Many aviation platforms have developed Electronic Flight Computers simulating the E6B Flight Computer. These aviation tools offer amazing 2D tracks, altitude graphs and automatic maneuver detection, perfect for beginners or student pilots.

flight computers are replaced with flight apps like aviocalc

Electronic Flight Computers are electronic calculators that allow you to obtain the wind speed, ground speed, density altitude and many other crucial numbers faster than analog computers and help to improve your flight performance. In addition, these platforms show you GPS maps with the route you are following and if the weather is good at your destination.

But, Aviation future is at your fingertips

Aviation apps are the future. All features possible are integrated into Flight apps now, the old Electronic Flight Computers, paper charts, and even portable GPS have been replaced by pilots’ smartphones. Direct from your phone or iPad, you can manage state of the art Flight apps that are killing it simplifying the flight planning and calculations. This way, air navigations have become easier when all the tools needed have been integrated into one-in-all flight app of friendly interaction and wide functionality.

In Aviation Infinity we built a new generation of Electronic Flight Computers to make your pilot life easier, download now

best flight app to replace all flight computers

We combined the most needed aviation features and calculations in the first artificial intelligence powered aviation app to give you the faster response to flight performance and best experience in planning and calculating your flight.

We are committed to offering the best quality within our flight app, and it is our main goal to become your trusted online flight planner.


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Commercial Pilot & Aerospace Engineer

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